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Boost of Legends provides boosting services that have been tested to show exceptional results. Boost of Legends Boosters can quickly climb ranks to as high as Diamond I. Privacy and Security is guaranteed for your account. In order to provide more valid ELO boost options, we provide both Solo Queue and Duo Queue Boosting services. A Boost of Legends booster can directly win games on your account, or provide wins by playing with you in games.

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Some of Boost of Legends Highlights

High Quality Boosting

Boost of Legends provides boosting services that have been tested to show exceptional results.

Boost of Legends boosters can quickly climb ranks to as high as Master Tier.

Legendary Live Support

Boost of Legends values the trust and loyalty between the customer and the company. Boost of Legends will provide extremely trustworthy and accountable customer support services in order to build a positive relationship with our clients.

Excellent Coaching

Boost of Legends understands the industry standard behind coaching within competitive gaming services. Our coaches are experienced League of Legends gamers, who provide excellent coaching with guaranteed positive results.

Private VPN

Every ELO booster at Boost Of Legends uses a private VPN while they are playing with or on your LOL account.
We provide default VPN protection for all of our users at Boost Of Legends to ensure account safety.
No more worrying about getting banned!

Legendary LOL ELO Boost, LOL Coaching & LOL Ranked Guides

Rated the #1 ELO Boost & Coaching Service by worldwide enthousiasts

ELO Boost

Ranked Wins Boost

Ranked wins ELO Boost gives you the option to choose your own amount of wins on your way to reach your desired division. This is also called “pay per win” ELO boost.

League Boosting

Division ELO boost brings you to the desired ELO of your choice in a fast and professional way. All that is asked is a current and end division, and we can guarantee that one of our boosters will do the rest.

Placement Matches

Placement matches are the games that determine in what division you end up. These games have the biggest influence on your MMR. By ordering these matches, you secure the highest chance for the highest possible starting division ELO Boost.

Duo Queue Boosting

Dont want to give out your info? No problem! Duo Queue ELO Boost is the perfect solution for this common problem. This way you can elo boost your own MMR by playing with one of our experienced boosters.

ELO Boost Packs (soon)

Ordering big? Boost Of Legends offers ELO Boost Packs for customers that have set their mind on their purchase. By offering a discount for every pack, Boost Of Legends assures the best price in combination with the highest quality.

Coaching (soon)

For when you want to get better and smarter personally, there’s the “coaching” option. Get help from our veteran players by getting strategical advice from the best.

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