Frequently Asked Questions About LOL ELO Boosting

General Questions

We accept boosts on every server: Europe West, Europe Nordic & East, North America, Latin America North, Oceania, Turkey and Russia.

Are you a booster? You can apply to become a booster here.

Pay per win, also known as “net wins” are calculated by every win. When a customer orders 3 wins, and the booster wins 2 games, then loses 1, its down on 1 win again. Our boosters usually have a win/loss ratio of 70% so these orders should be done fairly quick (usually ~8 wins per day is calculated what should be do-able.)

We strive to get atleast 1 division per day or around 8 wins. Please note that this is not guaranteed, since boosters can also have a bad day. Customers will be updated every day on the progress.

Accounts that get 16 LP or less will not be calculated as division boosting anymore, but charged for “pay per wins”.

Boosting Process

Our boosters have been boosting since season 2, all of which are high ELO players in all seasons. The possibility to have constant customer support is what we thrive for, and will always provide. You (as a customer) are able to constantly be in contact with your booster through our support center/customer area where you are free to ask whatever question, whenever.

We get this question many times, and the answer is of course “Yes”. This is simply because changing an account’s info has been changed by Riot Games and now requires a verification through e-mail so this makes “stealing” accounts practically impossible, not to mention the bad reputation we would receive. If this ever happened to be the case and we find out who stole your account, we will immediatly refund your order, and take measures against the thief.

There will be the option to choose whether or not you want the booster to chat with your friends. We count this towards our boosters VERY strictly, and will always keep the customer up-to-date whenever a friend sends us a message ingame.

Yes. You have the possibility to chat with the booster through the members section (coming soon) or through skype if desired.

Yes. The progress of your order will be shown in the member section.

That is up to the customer. In most cases the booster will NOT use this, unless the customer specifically allows this, which is showed in the form when they order a boost.

In order for the booster to be working optimal, we suggest there should be a few pages available for the booster, and will notify the customer on which pages have been/will be editted.

Yes, you will be able to pause and un-pause your order at any given time.

Payment Process

We accept PayPal, iDeal, Sofort Banking, PaySafe Card, Skrill, Maestro, Credit Card and many others! Thanks to our collaboration with G2A Pay we are able to offer everyone an efficient way to use any kind of payment possible!

Your order has been placed into our database. Our boosters will be able to see the order, and can choose whether he wants to take it or not. When a booster has claimed your order, you will be notified on this, and the booster will try to contact you through our chat system before starting on your account. If however you do not reply through our system, we will try to contact you on skype for further assistance.

ELO Boosting Service

Boost of Legends features

  • We are working only with Diamond I, Master or Challenger pro players

  • Completion rate is one division per day for orders below Platinum III and with 18+ LP gain

  • Advanced personal area with order progress tracker, live-chat and spectate tool

Payment Methods

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