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League Boosting explanation

League boosting is the easiest way to determine whether you deserve to be in the division that you are currently in.

This means that one can have problems in division climbing, which results in being stuck in the division you don’t think you belong in. By ordering a League Boost here at Boost Of Legends, we help players that are stuck in their current division, and get them to their desired one. The customer cannot play on his own account himself unless he pauses his order, or if the customer orders a Duo Queue Boost, whereas with Duo Queue Boosting, you do have the option to.

Why League Boosting over other options?

Everyone knows the feeling of losing a game where it’s everybody’s fault, but yours. Since League of Legends is not a 1v1 game, you, as a player, rely heavily on your teammates to work with you in order to win the game.

By ordering a full division boost over other boosts, the customer raises your MMR the fastest and easiest way since a division consists of around 8 wins, without interruption.

With our boosters having a ~80% win rate all the way up to Diamond 1, this usually consists of playtime worth of 1 to 2 days per division.

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