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Afraid you’ll lose the most important starting games of the season? Boost Of Legends offers League of Legends Placement Matches Boosting to secure the highest possible position* for our customers.

*This position depends on which division you ended previous season.





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Placement Matches explanation

THE most important matches to start off your ranked season. Placement matches give you the biggest increase or decrease in MMR per game. This can mean half (!) a division worth of MMR with 1 win or loss.

By ordering placement matches here at Boost Of Legends, our boosters can secure at least 8 wins. Please do note that boosters aren’t robots, and that losing 2 games in a row is a real possibility.

However, this does NOT mean that getting a perfect 10 out of 10 placement streak is impossible!

LOL Placement Matches FAQ


“But why would a booster care about how many placement wins he makes on my account?”

That’s quite simple. The booster is paid for the number of wins he can get, so the motivation to win is always there.


Since these are the most important games of the start, the customer gets to choose his own booster. The more input we can get from our own customers to our boosters, the better.(SOON)


“I’ve already played some placement games some time ago, is this a problem?”.

No, this is not a problem. You can still order the remaining matches that are left by simply selecting the amount of wins you want to order.

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