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The best option if you have a high MMR or if you just want to get thru those pesky promotion games.





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Ranked wins explanation

High MMR or promotion games could be the only reasons in wanting to purchase wins.
Our boosters have the highest success rate in completing your deciding matches, which is why we offer the “pay per win” option.
“But what if the booster DOES lose a game?.” We get asked this a lot. The booster will continue playing until he reaches the amount of consecutive wins ordered.
For instance, when a booster does in fact lose a game, the amount of matches they have to win increases by 1 for every match they lose.

Why ranked wins over other options?

If you have ever lost a promotion series, then you know what it means to get upset with players letting you down in your most important games.
Then, there are also customers that have a high MMR which means they would get a cheaper boosting price for themselves.
For these players, Boost Of Legends offers the pay per win option.
Getting to your desired ELO for cheap price, is what we all want after all.

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